Poland (2021)

Poland (2021)

Our company celebrated its 25th anniversary with the creation of an exclusive bicycle parking for the emblematic Norblin Factory in Poland.

We have launched our first automatic bicycle parking “biceberg” in Poland, in the recently rehabilitated Fabrika Norblina. Given the uniqueness of the building and the museums it houses (machinery museum, the first apple museum in the world) where the evolution of mechanics and the development of the most advanced technology converge, on the occasion of our 25th anniversary we have designed an exclusive and totally transparent machinery, where our loading dock for bicycle reception located outside stands out. Its figure recalls the section of a large old heavy machinery pinion, inside which are located the mechanisms that receive and control the bicycle, as well as those that open the door.

All these mechanisms have been developed using primitive mechanical elements, which reflect the origins of mechanics, such as pulleys, toothed pinions, link chains, or the use of mobile counterweights to optimize the performance of the effort to open the door.

All the exterior and interior treatment has been carried out with a natural oxide finish and protected with oils. Through the glass windows and looking towards the ground, the entire surface of the loading dock is open and you can see the interior of the storage machinery and all its movements. From this floor to its entire interior, the treatment has been carried out in galvanized steel, differentiating itself from the loading dock in order to demonstrate the latest technology applied to our products.

The result has been successful, the machine stands out inside the complex for perfectly integrating with the old machinery recovered for the museum, in such a way as “it has always been there”. It is like an object recovered from the old factory, being the only machinery that continues working and in service where we can see and understand all its movements. Since its opening and commissioning, the influx of parents, children and grandparents, of both sexes, has been continuous, peeking through the machine to observe it stopped and in operation, and where there is no lack of dialogue explaining to each other «how it works», which has turned it into a small “family” mechanic workshop school.


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