Smart, swift, and versatile, storing bikes and accessories with ease.

Our products provide a wide range of solutions for the automated parking of bicycles and their respective accessories.

At biceberg, we have a wide range of automated parking solutions designed specifically for bicycles and their accessories. Our focus is on safety, efficiency and convenience, providing cyclists with an exceptional experience.

Product Biceberg down

biceberg down

The biceberg Down is a revolutionary system that combines the security of a subway garage with the accessibility of above-ground bicycle parking.

Product Biceberg Up

biceberg up

The biceberg Up is your best option if you prefer an above ground solution because you don’t need to dig a hole in the ground; simply install it above ground and you’re ready to go. This automated parking system integrates perfectly into urban environments and public spaces.

Igloo Biceberg


The bigloo does not require civil works or large investments. It is easy to install in any location and is designed to promote the use of bicycles as a sustainable means of transport.


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