biceberg up

biceberg up

biceberg is an automatic ABOVE GROUND bicycle parking system that not only stores and returns bicycles to street level in an efficient manner, but is also a world pioneer in its ability to accommodate any model of bicycle and additional accessories, such as helmets and backpacks.

This unique approach ensures a versatile and accessible storage solution, adapting to the needs of modern urban cyclists.


Options. Same concept, three different solutions.

1. biceberg up storage at street level

2. biceberg up raised storage with functional free space at street level

3. biceberg up grouping


  1. biceberg up street-level storage: This solution offers secure and automated storage at street level, providing direct access to bicycles without the need for underground structures.

  2. biceberg up with functional open space at street level: Merges bike storage features with usable surface space, allowing for the integration of green areas, informational panels, or advertising spaces, thus enriching the urban environment.

  3. Grouping multiple biceberg up : Enables the creation of bicycle parking complexes by joining several units, significantly increasing storage capacity in high-demand areas.

Each version is designed to meet different needs and urban contexts, offering flexible and efficient solutions for storing bicycles and accessories. Moreover, the document highlights the systems’ durability, aesthetic customization, and commitment to sustainability.

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